This annual autumn event started in 2005 at St. Christopher’s Mission and quickly spread across town.  From the beginning, the festival has pulled together our broader community.  Writers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists from all over gravitate to the spectacular red rock scenery of this area to live and work. The Navajo Reservation borders our town bringing the culture of the Navajo people into Bluff’s style.  The area’s early Ancestral Puebloan inhabitants have also influenced the art and folklore of the region.  Ancient art sites, rich diverse cultures and a vibrant modern art community make Bluff an ideal site for our festival. native artist

pot-SMEach winter the Bluff Arts Festival committee, a group of volunteers, begins the work of organizing the festival and program planning. This year’s events include the Trail of the Artist gallery walk, the Bluff Film Festival, Storytelling In the Dark and numerous hands-on workshops.

You may meet the artists and view their creations at locations throughout Bluff during the Trail of the Artists. Friday night will feature a gathering of locals and visitors for storytelling around a bonfire on the San Juan River. On Saturday night the Film Festival enjoy three, short, local and regional films and participate in a Q & A session with the filmmakers.

The small town of Bluff is an active center for artists, writers and archaeologists. We draw on these local and regional experts as we design each year’s workshops. October is a great time to visit Bluff with ideal temperatures, cottonwoods beginning to color the river corridor, and, at higher elevations, aspen, sumac, and box elders offering splendid fall foliage. Come and celebrate the season with us.